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Prospective Hospitality is so excited to host you during your trip to New Orleans. One of our greatest and most precious resources is our time, so we will do everything to ensure you get the most out of your time with us. In order to ensure every guest's enjoyment of this property, we kindly ask you to review the house rules prior to your arrival. We are available for on-site requests from 9AM to 7PM each day and are available by phone 24/7 for any after hours questions or issues. 






Quiet hours are from 8PM - 8AM each day. During these times we ask you to be extra considerate of neighboring guests, and require noise be kept to reasonable levels at all times. If multiple requests to reduce noise levels must be made, we reserve the right to cancel the remainder of the reservation and enforce an eviction in considerable circumstances. 

Possible violations include, but are not limited to, using unauthorized amplification devices, a general lack of decorum, screaming and yelling, excessive vehicular noise, and over occupying the rental property with unauthorized guests. Non-recording noise detecting technology may be used inside the property to monitor excessive noise levels. Noise levels must be kept strictly under 50 dBA at all times. In the event that noise complaints are issued, the property will be subject to inspection upon reasonable notice to the guest, which includes knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell before entry. The guest understands that this may occur anytime during the guest’s stay if there is noise or reasonable suspicion of a party or any other violation of the house rules, neighborhood rules, or city ordinance.


The names of all guests staying on the property must be added to the reservation. Any guest not included on the reservation (or added to the reservation prior to arriving) is considered unauthorized to be on property. Information such as the unit number and how to access the property will not be given to any unauthorized guest. For phone inquiries on such topics, further information (such as a reservation confirmation number or payment method information) may be requested to determine the identity of the caller. Any persons given access to the property by a reservation holder will be the direct responsibility of the reservation holder.


The method of payment used on the reservation must be held in the name of the reservation holder as well. 

Guest(s) agree to abide by the occupancy limits listed on the room type that was booked at all times. Events, parties, and exceeding the occupancy limit is strictly prohibited and subject to immediate termination of the reservation, without refund, and eviction from the property. 


Guests take full responsibility for damages, injury, or loss that occur on the premises and its facilities. Guests must report any property damage to customer service. Unreported damages will be deducted from the security deposit.


Prospective Hospitality may use video surveillance in public areas, corridors, stairwells, and the exterior entrances and exits of the property. 



Guests agree to check-in and check-out during the times listed on the reservation. Luggage storage at the front desk may be available upon request. While Prospective Hospitality will do its best to accommodate requests for early check in and late check out, accommodations are not guaranteed outside of these times. If a guest has not vacated the room by the standard check-out time, Prospective Hospitality reserves the right to charge the guest for additional costs incurred by lost housekeeping time and cost associated with compensating an incoming guest affected by the late check out.


This is a 100% non-smoking property. Smoking is not permitted in the unit, including on balconies and in common areas, or within 10 feet of the building. Guests are subject to a $1,000 fine plus the cost to clean, deodorize, and repair damages if there is any evidence of smoking inside the unit. Some properties are equipped with tobacco and marijuana sensing devices. Smoking of any substance or any device is strictly prohibited. 


No pets are allowed on property. Properly licensed or certified service animals are permitted on site and must be under the handler’s control at all times and may not be left alone in the apartment at any time. All service animals are subject to this agreement’s terms in regards to noise.


Prospective Hospitality reserves the right to enter the apartments at any time. We will respectfully reach out to the guest and give as much notification in advance before entering the unit. Only authorized employees have the right to enter the apartments and will knock prior to entering. We may be required to enter the apartment during your stay primarily due to maintenance reasons or to investigate any disturbance reported to our guest services team.


For any personal items found in the apartment after the guest has departed, Prospective Hospitality will notify the reservation holder of the found items via email. If the departed guest would like to have their belongings shipped to them, they will be charged a flat $25 shipping fee plus any shipping expense in excess of the flat fee. Prospective Hospitality is not liable for any lost items. Receipt of any shipment or mailed items to the property is not allowed. 


If the property which is the subject of this agreement becomes unavailable for any reason, a suitable substitute property shall be found, or all monies returned in full to the guest, with no further liability opposed upon Management or the property owner. Prospective Hospitality will not be in breach of the terms of this agreement if the cancellation is beyond reasonable control including but not limited to a change in ownership of the property, damage or malfunction of equipment, disturbances on nearby properties, construction in or adjacent to the property, labor disputes, governmental regulations or controls, fire or other casualties, holdover tenants from a previous rental, inability to obtain materials or services, technical failure or difficulties, problems or interruptions with the internet or television, computer viruses, acts of god, insurrections, terrorism, or any other cause.


If, after this reservation is completed, and correspondence or discussions with the guest disclose a change in circumstances involving the reservation of this property, Prospective Hospitality has the right to refuse a reservation to the guest if the reservation is not conducive to the welfare of the property. Such circumstances include but are not limited to an event or party planned during the guest’s occupancy of the property, violations of the occupancy limits, rules regarding pets, age limitations or the purpose of the rental. This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of circumstances which may cause cancellation of the reservation.


The guest can cancel free of charge until 31 or more days prior to the arrival date of the reservation.
The guest will be charged the total price of the reservation if they cancel 30 days or less before the reservation’s date of arrival.
The guest will be charged a prepayment of the total price of the reservation at the time of booking.
Any refund will be processed within 14 business days from the cancellation date.
All guests hereby acknowledge and agree to follow all house rules, neighborhood rules, and city laws and ordinances. Completion of any reservation at this property, regardless of the booking channel used, constitutes an agreement to all terms of this agreement.



Booking a reservation constitutes an agreement to comply with the House Rules. Guests who violate these rules are liable for any associated damages, fees, costs, or expenses of such violation. Upon any infraction of rules, Prospective Hospitality may, at its sole option, terminate all agreements with you, including termination of occupancy immediately. In this event, you will forfeit all monies, including security deposits.

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